How to Access sIX System Sample Files for Profile Validation
Posted by Jennifer Armstrong on 18 January 2018 04:22 AM

sIX System sample files for profile validation are located on the Vigor ftp.

You can access sIX System sample files for profile validation by logging in to the Vigor ftp with the username "sample_files" and the password the OSC provided you via encrypted email. Detailed instructions for how to access your sIX sample file and validate your profile are provided in the ticket email with the subject "Please Access Your sIX OneVigor Sample File and Validate Your Station Profile"

Use the "sample_files" username and password at the link, or by following the below workflow:

  1. Ftp Index:
  2. Directory: SampleFiles/

If you require the OSC to resend you a password for the "sample_files" user, please reach out to Vigor's OSC by phone or by clicking the "Submit a Ticket" button in the top, left of this web portal

  • Phone: +1 (866) 748-4467 Ext. 2
  • Ticket: