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ProTrack Training Materials
Posted by Jennifer Armstrong on 23 January 2018 02:40 AM

Training materials for ProTrack are located in the Myers Knowledge base:

ProTrack training videos are available through the Myers knowledgebase (via the link above) for ProTrack customers. 

NOTE: ProTrack training videos are not downloadable files. ProTrack customers must go to the Myers knowledgebase and watch ProTrack training videos there. The Myers knowledgebase is the only place ProTrack training videos are hosted.

The Myers knowledgebase link above is the link to all ProTrack training materials for sIX, including sIX System ProTrack Training webinar video recordings. 

- Click on the "sIX - Training videos" link, which is the first link under the "sIX Articles" column.

- All sIX System ProTrack Training webinar video recordings are located in the same section and are separated by dates.

A screenshot of the sIX - Interconnect section of the Myers knowledgebase is attached to this article for your reference.

 myerskb-six.png (101.37 KB)