How to Register for Bi-weekly sIX System Training Webinars.
Posted by Jennifer Armstrong on 27 June 2018 01:19 AM

The Bi-Weekly sIX System Training webinar takes place every other Friday.

The bi-weekly sIX System Training schedule is below.


To register for bi-weekly sIX System Training webinar(s), please use this link: From the GoTo confirmation, please “save to calendar” and THEN from your calendar you may need to hit “RECURRING” meeting / make sure it’s showing up on your calendar every other week.


Please join us to hear from the Vigor Operational Service Center (OSC) and Myers teams who will train you on how to:

  • Complete User Acceptance Testing (UAT) for the sIX System
  • Use the sIX System as a secondary system, with the current NGIS NRT system running as the primary system (if applicable), until the sIX System passes UAT
  • Use the sIX System as a primary system once you've signed off on UAT acceptance and completed the final sIX onboarding step: Station cutover to sIX System as primary delivery system

The training will last approximately 2 hours. During sIX System training, Service Recipients will be trained on the following sIX System components:

  • ProTrack module for sIX 
  • OneVigor GUI for sIX

Bring Your Questions!

These live training sessions will be done via GoTo Meeting and we encourage you to ask questions. Because they are meetings and not webinars, however, PLEASE NOTE:

  • Whenever possible, please have multiple staff share a dial-in and log-onto the system. We have a limit of 100 attendees per session.
  • Please always MUTE yourself unless you are speaking or asking a question!

Who Should Attend? 

The content of this training will be geared to those who will be using the sIX System -- especially the ProTrack module for sIX -- as well as operations and/or engineering teams that will be involved with ongoing sIX System operations at your site. 

NOTE that it's critical that your Traffic staff attend at least one training session!

The schedule for bi-weekly sIX System Training sessions follows below for your reference. We hope that you can attend as many sessions as possible, as our goal is to ensure that all site teams have a comprehensive training experience. Please use the GoToMeeting registration form to send us any questions you may have about using the sIX System prior to each bi-weekly training so that we can focus later sessions on sIX System components and workflows that help you the most–or email your questions to



Bi-weekly sIX System Training Schedule (These bi-weekly sessions will run until all sites have reached the training step in the deployment process):

  • Friday 6/22/2018 - 1pm - 3pm ET (10am - 12pm PT)
  • Friday 7/6/2018 - 1pm - 3pm ET (10am - 12pm PT)
  • Friday 7/20/2018 - 1pm - 3pm ET (10am - 12pm PT)
  • Friday 8/3/2018 - 1pm - 3pm ET (10am - 12pm PT)
  • Friday 8/17/2018 - 1pm - 3pm ET (10am - 12pm PT)
  • Friday 8/31/2018 - 1pm - 3pm ET (10am - 12pm PT)
  • Friday 9/14/2018 - 1pm - 3pm ET (10am - 12pm PT)
  • Friday 9/28/2018 - 1pm - 3pm ET (10am - 12pm PT)