How to register for bi-monthly sIX System Training Sessions
Posted by Jennifer Armstrong on 19 July 2018 03:38 AM

***bi-monthly sIX System Training has concluded and future trainings will be on an as needed basis. All previous trainings will continue to be available on the Myers Knowledgebase. For any questions or concerns please reach out to the Vigor OSC***

***Instructions for how to access sIX System Training video recordings are on the knowledgebase.***


Register for sIX System Training sessions at this link:

Once sIX Service Recipients have completed the "Welcome Guide & Support" webinar and have received their MagnuBox, we strongly encourage sites to attend bi-weekly sIX System Training sessions.

Training content is geared to those who will be using the sIX System -- especially the ProTrack module for sIX -- as well as operations and/or engineering teams that will be involved with ongoing sIX System operations. 

Please join us to hear from the Vigor Operational Service Center (OSC) and Myers teams who will provide training on how to use the sIX System and complete User Acceptance Testing (UAT) for the sIX System. During sIX System training, Service Recipients will be trained on the following sIX System components:

  • ProTrack module for sIX 
  • OneVigor GUI for sIX

We strongly encourage Service Recipients to attend sIX System trainings early and often!

The sIX onboarding steps that follow MagnuBox installation may happen quickly, and we prefer that Service Recipients attend sIX System training sessions prior to the start of UAT Readiness Validation and UAT. 


sIX System Training video recordings are available for those who cannot attend live sIX System Training sessions!

Instructions for how to access sIX System Training video recordings are on the knowledgebase.


If your site completes UAT Readiness Validation prior to your attendance at a live sIX System Training session, PLEASE DO ATTEND upcoming training sessions! But, please DO NOT WAIT until after the next training session to start UAT. Instead, please watch the sIX System Training video recordings at the link above, and submit your completed UAT form by "replying all" to the UAT ticket email within 1 week from when you receive the UAT form.


Bi-monthly sIX System Training Schedule:

  • Trainings will be on an as needed basis going forward