sIX Distributor Statuses
Posted by Jennifer Armstrong on 20 July 2018 05:12 AM

sIX Distributor statuses are in the below table.

Current Distributor Status Value


  1. Awaiting Media

File is yet to be received from the producer

  1. Queued for Processing

File is in Distributor Media operations queue waiting to be processed

  1. Processing

File is being processed by the Distributor Media operations

  1. Available

File has been successfully uploaded from the distributor to sIX

  1. Ready for Distribution

File has completed processing at the distributor and is ready to be uploaded to sIX

  1. Withdrawn

Distributor has withdrawn the program which means the file cannot be downloaded by sIX users

  1. Delayed

The file arrival to sIX has missed the availability date that was scheduled in BroadView System.

  1. Late

The file arrival to sIX has missed the usage start date of the program.

  1. Undelivered

The file arrival has missed a timeline of a month after usage start date of the program and will not be delivered to sIX.