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Knowledgebase : sIX System Content Contributor Onboarding
The sIX Interconnection Contributor Onboarding Survey should be completed by any station interested in participating in Phase C of the sIX Interconnection project. Please fill out the survey and send it to
Any station interesting participating in Phase C of the sIX Interconnection project should download and read the sIX Interconnection Terms of Use document.
Attached is the sIX Interconnection AS-03 Ingest File Specification. If you have any questions related to this docuemnt please send an email to
This document will give you an overview of the sIX Contributor onboarding process.
The EIDR User Guide was developed to support EIDR training efforts and includes step-by-step instructions on how to create records for content and provides detailed information about data fields and data requirements.